MOED Updates

November 6, 2019:
As you know and have seen, the demolition on the Mikvah of East Denver (MOED) is complete and the lot is cleared.  So what’s next?

During the Design Development phase, the design team (including the architect and the engineering subcontractors for structure, electrical, mechanical and plumbing) begins to introduce structural and systems detail to the floorplans and site plan that were finalized in Schematic Design. This includes selection of specific foundation and structural systems, selection of heating and cooling systems, preliminary locations for ductwork chases and plumbing/electrical runs, and definition around the materials for the exterior skin. We are working diligently over the next few months to have all of this lined up so that once we start construction we can move forward at a good pace.

Our anticipated schedule is as follows: pricing review and Permitting form to the City of Denver in early Spring 2020, ground breaking in Summer 2020, and move in Summer 2021. This is a complex project and there have been many unforeseen delays. We are grateful for the community’s continued patience and support throughout this process. We have a lot to do, and will need everyone working toward the joyous completion of the new mikvah!

July 3, 2019:
Update on the Mikvah of East Denver (MOED) – On Wednesday, June 27th, demolition of the existing building facility at 290 South Leyden Street began. Work was scheduled to conclude on Friday before the observance of Shabbos. It was brought to our attention that the demo team continued to work throughout Saturday. In keeping with generally accepted hilchos Shabbos, MOED specified in the demolition contract that work should not occur on Shabbos, but the contractor ignored this instruction. We apologize for any concerns or unease caused regarding the continued demolition. Construction is projected to start in the Fall of 2019.

June 25, 2019:

The Mikvah of East Denver (MOED) is pleased to announce plans for demolition of the existing building facility at 290 South Leyden Street. Demolition is expected to happen over the course of the next couple of weeks. This is one of many exciting developments planned since the recent acquisition of land.  For more information and current updates, please visit

May 30, 2019:
The Mikvah of East Denver (MOED) is excited to announce the acquisition of land, at 290 South Leyden and 280 South Leyden, for the construction of the new community mikvah. Construction on the new mikvah, which will replace the mikvah facility built almost two decades ago by the dedicated east side community, is slated to begin late fall 2019. Completion is expected summer 2020.

This opportunity was made possible through a generous gift from the Shana Glassman Foundation. The foundation has been involved for several years in the due diligence and negotiations with land owner Rabbi Sirota of the Western Center for Russian Jewry. The Shana Glassman Foundation, in its understanding of both the fulfillment of Jewish laws and the opportunity that immersion brings for deeper spirituality, supported the positive move in purchasing the land for the new mikvah, with the knowledge that the previous mikvah was built on leased land.

The acquisition process was previously stalled when the City of Denver revoked the property’s proposed boundary lines, due to their oversight of rules involving parking. As a result, the parking lot’s boundary lines were reconfigured, and the land behind and to the North of the new building will have ample parking.

Spring 2019 Update:

On January 8th, 2019, the City and County of Denver Board of Adjustments approved two variances for reduced setbacks, which would move the building footprint of the Mikvah closer to the property lines of the new lot. The City of Denver also approved variances that exempt MOED from bearing the financial burden of installing new curb ramps, widening existing sidewalks and removing/regrading the existing retaining wall along Alameda Avenue. *Please see most recent drawings below that reflect the new changes to the site.

MOED is pleased to announce that the design team will now begin work on the Site Development Plan (SDP) and the Transportation Engineering Plan (TEP) – the next steps in the City’s building permit process. Once the SDP and TEP are approved, the design team can launch the building design process in earnest and submit the completed construction drawings to the City’s Plan Review department for a building permit.

Please note: The new Mikvah of East Denver is projected to be finished Summer 2020.*

*In the meantime, you can reach the interim mikvah, by calling Mei Eliezer Linker at 720-295-7718.

Site plan (2)Enlarged plan (2)