Old Donate page

The Harris Family Mikvah of East Denver remains open while ongoing short-term repairs continue to keep it kosher and usable for all.

The Board of Directors and the Capital Campaign Task Force will soon announce a capital campaign to build a new facility on the current property. In the meantime, MOED continues to count on your philanthropic gifts to keep the current building open.

Donate Now to MOED’s Operations:

When you donate to the Mikvah of East Denver, you fund the continuity of Jewish family life in the east Denver Jewish community.

Soon MOED will accept credit cards. In the meantime, please mail all checks to:
Mikvah of East Denver (MOED)
820 S. Monaco Parkway, #250
Denver, Colorado 80224

Look for MOED pushkas around the community and at the mikvah for additional contributions by cash or checks, and don’t forget to add to your user fee if you can when you arrive for your appointment.

Help with upcoming Capital Campaign